Our Donors and Societies

Contact the Foundation at 229.333.1071 for assistance.

The Caduceus Society

The Caduceus Society recognizes a valuable group of physicians who are dedicated to transforming medicine to meet the challenges of tomorrow by pledging a minimum of $10,000 to the South Georgia Medical Center Foundation.

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Anderson

Dr. Betsy & Mr. Michael Backe

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Devine

Dr. & Mrs. William N. Gee, Jr

Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Hobby

Dr. & Mrs. Tommy Hobby

Dr. John B. Hunt 

Dr. & Mrs. Mark R. Keaton

Dr. & Mrs. Ed Mark

Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Nijem

Dr. & Mrs. Jerry G. Purvis, Sr.

Dr. & Mrs. Livingstone Rasalam

Dr. Robbie & Mr. Ken Slater

Dr. Maurice Solis & Mrs. Lee A. Johnson

The Capital Club

Capital Club recognizes partnerships between corporate citizens and other organizations that support the SGMC Foundation and its mission in our community. Organizations with a cumulative gift of $5,000 or more will be recognized as a Capital Club member.

Grand Alliance

Cumulative Gifts of $25,000+

Bank of America
Bank of America Foundation
Farmers & Merchants Bank
First Federal Savings of GA
First State Bank & Trust Co.
Georgia Hospital Association
Georgia Power Company
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.
Griner Automotive Group, Inc.
Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation, Inc.
Hickman Transport Co., Inc.
Hospice of South Georgia Advisory Board
SGMC Employee Giving
SGMC Volunteer Auxiliary
Stone Creek Ladies Golf Association
The Park Avenue Bank
Valdosta Junior Service League, Inc.

Gold Medallion

Cumulative Gifts of $10,000-$24,999

Ameris Bank
BB & T
Blanton & Griffin Insurance Agency
Citizens Community Bank
Colony Bank
Georgia Gulf Sulfur Corp.
Guardian Bank
Miller Hardware Company
Morrison Management Specialists, Inc.
Packaging Corporation of America
Pride Philanthropy
Prince Automotive of Valdosta, Inc.
Regions Bank
Southwest Georgia Bank
Valdosta Junior Woman’s Club
Valdosta Sunrise Rotary Club

Silver Medallion

Cumulative Gifts of $5,000 – $9,999

Allstate Foundation
American Cancer Society
American Business Solutions
Bovis Lend Lease
Bush Wealth Management
Carson McLane, Inc.
Certus Bank
CJB Industries, Inc.
Coldwell Banker
Compass Group
First America Drugs
Georgia Health Foundation, Inc.
Hahira Elementary School
Heritage Bank of the South
Hospice of South Georgia Staff & Volunteers
Independent Ins. Agents of Lowndes
Lake Park Farm House, Inc.
Lowe’s Distribution Center
Perkins & Will
Reames and Son Construction Company, Inc.
Surgical Associates of Valdosta
The Herndon Company
Williams Hotel Group


The Cornerstone Society

Members of The Cornerstone Society are dedicated to the advancement of health care and make an annual gift of $1,000 to the SGMC Foundation. Donor listing below reflects gifts given during the 2018 calendar year.

Be Dave Brave
Citizens Community Bank
Elks Club
GA Power Foundation
Langdale Honda Valdosta
Lowe’s Distribution Center
Valdosta Middle School Cheer
Brad Adler
David Asrael
Dr. Betsy and Mr. Michael Backe
Matthew & Kala Bennett
Dan & Doris Booth
Robert & Paula Bosshardt
Shelly Bragg
Heather Brasell
Bobby & Denice Brogdon
Allen & Kathryn Bryan
Richard & Audrey Burris
A. Paul & Sara Cadenhead
Daniel & Laura Connell
Ben & LaVonne Copeland
Benjamin & Kelly Copeland
Tim & Nancy Dame
Lee & Anne Marie Davis
Roger Dodd
Sondralyn Facker
Michael & Cynthia Finney
Jared & Beth Friedman
Robert & Jane Gibson
James & Jule Godbee
Anissa & Katherine Gray
Paul & Kathleen Hamilton
George & Kathy Hardy
Thomas & Katherine Herman
Cam Hickman
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Hobby
Dr. John Hobby
John Horn
Christopher & Sueann Joe
Mitchem Kathryn
Andrew & Stephanie Kokabi
Johnny Langdale
Michel Legros



Douglas & Michelle MacGinnitie
Erin Martin
Donna Maslia
Richard Maslia
Morgan & Cynthia McLemore
Harold & Melissa McLendon
W.L. & Linda Miller
Holly Morrison
Stanley & Geronda Moye
Katarina & Dominique Lequeux Nalovic
Tom Newbern
Douglas & Kimberly Nichols
Lee & Margaret Northcutt
Buck & Kristy Paulk
Marshall Ashley Paulk Family
Edmond & Nicole Perry
James & Janice Pitts
Zachary & Melissa Polun
Suzan Prince
Charles Prudames
Anitha & Bollampalli Rao
Livingstone Rasalam
James & Karen Roquemore
Robert & Janice Roquemore
Christopher & Amber Russell
Furman Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Shaw
Jeff & Mary Margaret Shiver
Jeff & Jennifer Sikes
Jeffrey & Ashley Silverman
Dr. Maurice Solis & Mrs. Lee Johnson
James & Joan Skesavage
Todd & Gabrielle Starr
Paul & Andrea Stephenson
Robert & Allison Sternenberg
Joseph & Vickie Stevens
Susan Swader
Aaron & Emily Tanenbaum
Allan & Elaine Tanenbaum
Mark & Judith Taylor
Robert Tyrrel
Hans-Bernd & Martina Veltmaat
Mitchell & Sheila Waldman
Wyatt & Dawn Whaley
Russ & Sandra Wheeler
Richard Maslia




Gifts of Tribute

A tribute gift is a meaningful way to convey sympathy to the bereaved, memorialize a loved one, commemorate a special occasion or honor a person's life and accomplishments. Donor listing below reflects tribute gifts given during the 2018 calendar ear.


Mike Bass
    Cheryl Oliver

Nathan Brown
    Forrest H Williams



Dorothy Bell
    Marilyn Orr

Roy Bellflowers
    Laura Jones

Thomas Bellflowers
    Laura Jones

Osie L. Berrian
    George Hardy

Phyllis Cannington
    Greg Wood

Raymond Coker
    Montyne Medders
    Teresa Tenery

Henry E. Collins
    Cynthia Conner
    Marilyn Orr

Norma Jean Corbett
    SGMC Volunteer Auxiliary

Josette Courson
    Beulah E. Hennly
Molly Smith

Jerry L. Demott
    James Lee Herndon

Eunice Deviou
    Laura Jones

Linda Jernigan
    Steven W. Collins
    Nicholas West

Joyce A. Keene
    SGMC Laboratory Staff

Nina King
    James Lee Herndon

Kem Mancil
    James Lee Herndon

Catherine McGahee
    James Lee Herndon





Jurelle Norris
    SGMC Volunteer Auxiliary

Mary Palmer
    Wanda Sumner

Sonja Rozier
    Laura Jones

Helen K. Smith
    James Lee Herndon

Derrell Tomlinson
    James D Hamby
James Lee Herndon
Claire S. Lee
Montyne Medders
Phyllis J. Shelley
Gloria P. Smith
Teresa Tenery

David Waller, Sr.
    James Lee Herndon

Diane Washburn
    Lisa Steirer

Lavelle Webb
    Marilyn Orr

Garred “Dick” Wellman
    Laura Jones

Latrelle Wrye
    Jane Sirmans

Willie Yearby
    George Hardy
SGMC Nursing Leadership

Robert S. Young
    Dorothy Young


The Partnership Cancer Fund

Contributions to the SGMC Foundation's Partnership Cancer Fund provide financial assistance to cancer patients undergoing treatment with medically related expenses.

Sue Roach
Abbvie Inc.
Abbvie Pharmaceuticals
Advanced Infusion Care
Agendia, Inc.
Amgen USA
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Bayer Oncology
Boehringer Ingelheim

Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology
Celgene Corporation
Clovis Oncology, Inc.
Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
HSC Acquistion, LLC
Incyte Corporation
Janssen Biotech, Inc.
Merck Oncology
Novartis Oncology

Onyx Pharmaceutical
OptumRX Inc
Pfizer Inc.
Puma Biotechnology
Taiho Oncology, Inc.
Takeda Oncology
Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.
Tesaro (The CM Group)
TEVA Oncology

The Jay Shaw Scholarship Fund

Contributions to SGMC Foundation's Jay Shaw Scholarship Fund assist students pursuing a career in healthcare and honors the late Georgia State Representative Jay Shaw. Donor listing below reflects gifts given during the 2018 calendar year.

Hickman Transport Co., Inc.

Chad Nimmer

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Shaw

The Silver Cross Society

The Silver Cross Society recognizes a lifetime membership of an elite group of community members and affiliated physicians who have pledged a minimum of $10,000 to the South Georgia Medical Center Foundation.

Brad Adler
Ellen Arnovitz
David Asrael
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny P. Ball, III
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Barnes, III
Mrs. Charles W. Barnes, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Beaty
Jan & Ben Blanton
Brandi & Kevin Booth
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Bowden
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Bowling
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Brown
Allen & Kathryn Bryan
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Brzezienski
Bubba & Kay Burnett
Richard & Audrey Burris
A. Paul & Sara Cadenhead
Amy Carter
D. Larry & Paula Carter
Russell & Virginia Carter
Pamela L. Cartwright
Ray Chitty
James & Patricia Colson
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Colson
Benjamin & Kelly Copeland
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Copeland
Joe & Pat Cordova
Stan & Sue Cox
Mr. & Mrs. W. Ed Crane
Audrey & Joe V. Dasher, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Charlton L. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Felton Davis, Jr.
Lee & Marie Davis
Mary Jane & Phillip Davis
L.A. & Freda Denzer
Dewar Family
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Dover
Carolyn H. Eager and Dan Coleman
Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Edwards, Jr.
Jennie & Charles Eidson
Feinberg Family
Michael & Cynthia Finney
Louie Flythe Family
Jared & Beth Friedman
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Forbes
Bob & Debbie Foster
Ashley T. Fox
Linda Futch
Emil & Patti Girardin
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Godbee
Mike & Jayne Godwin
Anissa & Katherine Gray
Gail P. Green

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Griner
George & Kathy Hardy
Mr. & Mrs. Greg S. Hembree
Jennie & Charles Eidson
Doug & Beverly Henderson
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Henderson
Thomas & Katherine Herman
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Herndon, Jr.
James Lee & Cindy Herndon
Wynn Herndon
Jacqueline Hensley
Mr. & Mrs. E. Cameron Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. Bubba Highsmith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hill
Ret. Major & Mrs. Hobert Hodge
D.K. Hollis Family
Mr. & Mrs. Allen D. Holt, Jr.
John Horn
Mr. & Mrs. Brantley Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jennett
Christopher & Sueann Joe
Rusty & Laura Jones
Vivian Jones
Mitchem Kathryn
Mrs. Louis Kafoure
Ken & Cheryl Kiser
Andrew & Stephanie Kokabi
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kurrie
Mr. & Mrs. Harley Langdale, Jr.
John W. Langdale, Jr.
Judge Harley & Thalia Lee Langdale Family
Mrs. Margaret Langdale
Mr. & Mrs. Pope Langdale
Mr.  William Langdale, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Langdale, Jr.
Michel Legros
Katrina & Dominique Lequeux Nalovic
Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Long
Laura & Paul Love, III
Mrs. Roline A. Little
Douglas & Michelle MacGinnitie
Mr. & Mrs. James McGahee
Tyson & Mary Sue McLane
Britt & Kristin McLane
Morgan & Cynthia McLemore
Harold & Melissa McLendon
Ian McTurk
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Maranville
Mrs. Leonard Mederer
Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Dutton Miller
W.L. & Linda Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Willis Miller

The W. L. Miller, Jr., Family
Robert (Bob) C. Moore
Holly Morrison
Stanley & Geronda Moye
Walter H. New
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Newbern
Douglas & Kimberly Nichols
Lee & Margaret Northcutt
Buck & Kristy Paulk
Marshall Ashley Paulk Family
Mr. & Mrs. Scott G. Pearlman
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney F. Pearlman
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Pearlman
Edmond & Nicole Perry
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Pizer
Zachary & Melissa Polun
Suzan Prince
Charles Prudames
Mr. & Mrs. Shannon Ray
Mr. & Mrs. Don F. Reames
Beatrice L. & Harry F. Roberts
James & Karen Roquemore
Robert & Janice Roquemore
Nell & Bill Roquemore
Bill & Ina Rountree
Jeanne D. & Wilbur Rountree
Furman Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Sauls
Jeff & Mary Margaret Shiver
Jeff & Jenny Sikes
Jeffrey & Ashley Silverman
James & Joan Skesavage
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory B. Soshnik
Mr. & Mrs. M. Bradley Soshnik
Todd & Gabrielle Starr
Paul & Andrea Stephenson
Joseph & Vickie Stevens
Susan Swader
Aaron & Emily Tanenbaum
Allan & Elaine Tanenbaum
Mark & Judith Taylor
John & Helen Thomas
Wright & Betsy Turner
Robert Tyrrel
James Vaughan
Hans-Bernd & Martina Veltmaat
Elizabeth M. Vickers
Mitchell & Sheila Waldman
Wyatt & Dawn Whaley
Russ & Sandra Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Matt White
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Worn, Jr.

Employee Giving

SGMC Employee Giving is a fundraising effort that gives the employees the opportunity to contribute gifts to South Georgia Medical Center Foundation. Names below reflect gifts given as of November 2018

  • Employee Giving Donors

    William R Adams IV
    Deborah M Adams
    Lacey R Addison
    Eudocia T Aikens
    Mary Jo Alessio
    Sara S Alford
    Tyler Allen
    Cassondra Anderson
    Jessica Anderson
    Jessica M Andrews
    Mary C Appelt
    Harry L Armstrong
    Janie S Avery
    Clifford P Baker Jr
    Willie M Banks
    Mary S Bannister
    Shalom Barile
    Stephanie K Barritt
    Latacha N Barron
    Lenfield A Bartlett, III
    Angela Battle
    David A Bauch
    Georgianne Bauer
    Ashely Baynard
    Dorothy B Beals
    Wendy L Benka
    Angelia P Bell
    Craig M Bell
    Cynthia A Bell
    Hanna M Benefield
    Ansleigh J Bennett
    April T Bennett
    Ashley L Bennett
    Erika J Bennett
    Kimberly D Bennett
    Latisha B Bennett
    Mary E Berrian
    Judy T Bickers
    Sandra G Bilger
    Kelly C Blackmon
    Tamme Blackwell
    Julie B Blodgett
    Latashi S Blue
    Regina M Boatner
    Sheryl L Boinski
    Sheila D Bonner
    Denise K Boutwell
    Susan B Bowden
    Christopher A Bowen
    Deborah E Bradfield
    Brianna R Bradley
    Stacy C Branch
    Rachel M Brandon
    Brandy L Brantley
    Evelyn P Brantley
    Angela P Breeden
    Jan P Brice
    David M Bridges
    Derrick M Bridges
    Brittany R Brister
    Darryl Britt
    Jennifer L Brock-Bullard
    Amy L Brogan
    Stacy Brooks
    Renee S Broome
    Dorothy J Brown
    Irene D Brown
    Julia A Brown
    Latishna D Brown
    Lisa D Brown
    Peggy L Brown
    Sharon D Brown
    Judy D Bryant
    Paris D Bryant
    Jodi F Bullard
    Janice L Bullock
    Angela E Burleson
    Kendra M Butenschon
    Laura K Buton
    Grant D Byers
    Amanda B Caesar
    Kimberly A Carey
    Clarence Carter
    Jacqueline Carter
    Monique E Carter
    Lauren T Casey
    Tara E Casillas
    Lauren M Castillo
    Patricia Chandler
    Carla M Chauncey
    Elizabeth N Christian
    Nicole C Clark
    Robyn Clark
    Susan A Clark
    Derrick L Clement
    Dixie C Cliff
    Natarsha N Cobb
    Georgia A Cochran
    Kelly E Cochran
    Kelly M Colwell
    Debbie L Comer
    Cynthia W Conner
    Delia M Connor
    Elizabeth Cooper
    Stephen F Cooper
    Robert M Corbitt
    Jaunarra M Cornelius
    Melissa Cornelius
    Tawn S Cornelius
    Yolanda T Cornelius
    Joy L Covington
    Kaylee M Cowart
    Denida S Cox
    Rachel Cox
    Stephanie M Craven
    Tammi E Creamer
    Rachel Cribbs
    Kayla N Crider
    Shakonica C Crockett
    Traci A Dabney
    Octavia Dailey
    Jessica M Daniels
    Ashli R Dasher
    Christy D Daugherty
    Joshua Daugherty
    Vicki L Davidson
    Cheri L Davis
    Cynthia D Davis
    Dorothy E Davis
    James Davis
    Joan B Davis
    Kayla Davis
    Shona L Davis
    Taneisha Davis
    Catherine L Dean
    Sabrina Dean
    Coraima Delgado
    Marie M Demps
    Linda G Denson
    Kathryn D DeVane
    Lindsey R Dickinson
    Marcia L Dixon
    Joseph R Dollar
    Stephanie L Donaldson
    Cheryl A Draffin
    John E Driver, III
    Rebecca L Dutton
    Shanitrece Duval
    Ambral S Dyer
    Brandi M Dyer
    Allie F Eason
    David K Edwards
    Michael T Edwards
    Carly M Ellenberg
    Cheryl Ellis
    Gloria J Emanuel
    Crystal Ervin
    Mary A Euline
    Leslie R Evans
    Rosa M Evans
    Joan E Everitt
    Laroyal C Ewings Jr
    Melissa O Exum
    Jessica Faulkner
    Matthew J Felkel
    Sherri L Felkel
    Ethel Ferguson
    Chad M Fernandez
    Tiffany L Fisher
    Kimberlee Fletcher
    Katrina H Florig
    Susan B Folding
    William E Forbes
    Cynthia Fort
    Anthony T Foster
    Robert G Foster
    Samantha P Foster
    Azely Fountain
    Shannon M Fowler
    Amber C Fraser
    Elaina J Frazier
    Tiffany A Frazier
    Charles M Freeman
    Lillie P Freeman
    Margaret Freeman
    Rena R Fuller
    Barbara J Gaines
    Tikita A Galloway
    Stephanie Garland
    Melinda W Gibbs
    Yacobia S Gibbs
    Jean E Gibson
    Travorius L Gibson
    Cherise B Giddens
    Mary K Girsch
    Patricia L Gish
    Leisa L Glover
    Aciena M Golden
    Janet Gonterman
    Chelsea Gordon
    Kimberly D Gordon
    Latonya S Gordon
    Henrietta Gosier
    Levester Gosier
    Martavia I Goss
    Kathy Graham
    Belinda Grant
    Megan P Gray
    Amanda N Green
    Gloria K Green
    Shelby L Green
    Karin Griffin
    Sandra C Griffin
    Mary A Griffith

    Pamela S Griner
    Khady Gueye
    Kalynn M Guyton
    Jessica L Hall
    Stephanie N Hall
    Khalilah Hamilton
    Rebecca A Happel
    Lisa G Harper
    Brenda K Harris
    Doretha D Washington-Harris
    Shuntell Harris
    Tacresa A Harris
    Jennifer Harrison
    Maria L Harrison
    Jana D Harrod
    Peggy E Hart
    Pamela Hartley
    Dina L Hastings
    Aline Hatten
    Rebecca L Hawke
    Danielle N Heath
    Jennifer D Henderson
    Belinda Hendley
    Darleen E Hendley
    Kathy L Herb
    Dorinda B Herndon
    Barbara L Herring
    Eva Herring
    Joley D Herring
    Crista Hewett
    Anthony K Hezekiah Sr
    Marlene P Hicks
    Pamela L Hill
    Tatiana Hill
    Tracy L Hill
    Keisha J Hilliard
    Julie W Hodges
    Ti’ashjah K Hollis
    Kaeaiya T Holmes
    Karen D Holmes
    Jannette Williams-Holt
    Tracy L Holtzclaw
    Takesha D Hopper
    Shantirra Horne
    Telicia Horne
    Kenyada N Howard
    Carolyn Howell
    Clarese Howell
    Jacqueline L Hughes
    Creston O Hulett
    Martha P Hunt
    Susan M Hurley
    Krista J Hussey
    Nicole D Hutchins
    Richard E Huth
    Julie L Huxford
    Gwanda O Irvin
    Debra A Isom
    William B Ivey
    Chineeta Jackson
    Debra A Jackson
    Linda C Jackson
    Luciana R Jackson
    Mary A Jackson
    Michael A Jackson
    Sulanda D Jackson
    Kenneth W Jacobs, II
    Barbara A Jarriel
    Kailynn Jeffords
    Audrey D Johns
    Hope Johns
    Abigail C Johnson
    Ashellie N Johnson
    Caitlyn M Johnson
    Carrie A Johnson
    Donna C Johnson
    Dora L Johnson
    Jodi M Johnson
    Madalyn Johnson
    Teresa H Johnson
    Thomas A Johnson
    Stacey L Joiner
    Andrian A Jones
    Cora Jones
    Danial W Jones
    Darren D Jones
    Debra A Jones
    Laura W Jones
    Pamela J Jones
    Rhonda F Jones
    Robert L Jones
    Sarah C Jones
    Terrie L Jones
    Barbara Johns
    Barbara E Jordan
    Brenda K Jordan
    Sharee F Jordan
    William Jordan
    Orlieon M Kelly
    Michelle L Kennedy
    Tina V Kent
    Janelle Kepley
    Holly K Kincaid
    Katelyn M King
    Clarice J Kinsley
    Judith D Kirk
    Shawona M Kirk
    Wilma L Kirk
    Vickie L Kirkland
    Allison K Kitchens
    Peggy L Knight
    Wanda E Koehmstedt
    Celinda Kuczynski
    Randall Lancaster
    Heather N Lane
    Betty J Lanier
    Michell P Lanier
    Linda J Laster
    Elizabeth S Lee
    Wendy L Lewellen
    Aaron Lewis
    Stephanie V Lewis
    Takeita L Walker-Lewis
    Carolyn D Leyva
    Pamela J Lichtenberg
    Melissa A Lieupo
    Dawanda Little
    Melissa Little
    Tiffany A Little
    Wendy N Livingston
    Sabrina Lloyd
    Maya E Loizeaux
    Jeff M Long
    Mario R Lopez
    Laura O Love
    Donna L Lovingood
    Sherita J Lucas
    Janna Luke
    Tommy J Luke
    Rachael L Lustfeldt
    Kayla M Lyons
    Tanna M Macera
    Jennifer C Malone
    Anthony L Mapp, Jr.
    Earl K Marable
    Norman W Marcotte
    Rhonda A Mark
    Dawn J Marro
    Kimberly B Marsh
    Angela R Marshall
    Charles T Marshburn
    Charmaine A Martin
    Cindy P Martin
    Joan L Martin
    Amanda C Mason
    Whitney N Massey
    Hannah L Mathis
    Teresa D Mauldin
    Connie R May
    Lori M May
    Amy N Mazac
    Cassondra McBride
    Jessica R McBride
    Alton McBurrough
    Charlene S McBurrough
    Gloria M McCann
    Graciela McCann
    Latrice McCord
    Chyna McCrae
    Kelly B McCranie
    Kayla L McCray
    Pamela L McCray
    Jeremiah McEady
    Genise McGee
    Joanne S McGehee
    Ellis D McGhee
    Patricia B McGill
    Jessica J McKinney
    Kathi McMillan
    Tiffany McMullion
    Heather McNabb
    Iris B McNabb
    Jean Mcrae
    Janna S Meders
    Amy M Meeks
    Robin N Meeks
    Justin R Mercer
    Tonya Miles
    Tina I Miller
    Lakeira D Mitchell
    Kourtney M Mizell
    Britany N Mobley
    Carol L Mohaban
    Meredith A Moon
    Helen E Moore
    Janay N Moore
    Norma F Moore
    Brittney L Moreau
    Kahmil L Morehead
    Melissa Morey
    Betty H Morgan
    Hannah E Morris
    Teresa Morris
    Vetina L Morris
    Malinda F Morrison
    Shemika M Moss
    Andrea K Mott
    Amanda N Mullinax
    Kelly L Mullis
    Jessica L Musgrove
    Willie S Myers
    Kimberly A Neal
    Andrea N Nelson
    Katrina Newsome
    Kimberley D Niehanke
    Amanda L Nijem

    Pamela G Nixon
    Jeremiah F Norman
    Wayne C North
    Margaret S Oberry
    Richard G Oelkers III
    Brenda C Okeefe
    Janice Y Oliver
    Tera S Olson
    Marsha K Orme
    Courtney D Orr
    Maria Ortega-Brown
    Amine Oucherif
    Kelsea E Overholts
    Gloria A Owens
    Teresa A Padgett
    Erin E Paglialonga
    Esther M Paige
    Betty P Palmer
    Kimberly A Parker
    Allegra M Parr
    Krystal B Parrish
    Stacie S Parrish
    Pamela K Partin
    Jignasha B Patel
    Meghana S Patel
    George W Payne
    Linda A Peace
    Freedom A Peagler
    Amy Pearson
    Carmen Peele
    Dwight A Peete
    Britney Perry
    Marc A Perkins-Carrillo
    Alison M Peterman
    Tristan C Peterman
    Jason M Phillips
    Cassandra N Pickle
    Shaknequa A Pleas
    Jonnita S Potter
    Cheryl L Pounds
    Pamela W Powell
    Tara M Powell
    Kaitlyn M Pritchett
    Samantha S Proctor
    Brittany A Pych
    Toni D Quimby
    Shanna D Quinn
    Trinh B Ramirez
    Susan D Rassatt
    Walter S Ray
    Edna C Raybon
    Anthony W Reaves
    Pamela S Reaves
    Marti L Redding
    Autumn L Register
    Cassandra Register
    Louis C Remynse, III
    Kandy Renfro
    Shajuan Reynolds
    Kendra Rhett
    Daniel L Rickman
    Peter Riley Jr
    Chelsia A Roberts
    Roxanne L Roberts
    Tracy F Roberts
    Annette S Robinson
    Billye T Robinson
    Cassandra Y Robinson
    Ester M Robinson
    Julia B Robinson
    Gwendolyn Rodgers
    Jacqueline M Rodgers
    Natalie N Roe
    Gwendolyn M Rolle
    Marquez J Roney
    Teresa Ross
    Danyelle L Roth
    Gregory D Rothfuss
    Sabrina R Roundtree
    Carol L Rowe
    Gina D Rowe
    Bobbie J Royals
    Stephanie J Ruff
    Rosalind Sams
    Nancy E Sartin
    Debra A Saucier
    Brian C Sayre
    Ivelisse B Sayre
    Desiree D Schmid
    Keosha J Scott
    Jerone Scurry Jr
    Ferrell W Sellers
    Mary A Sermons
    Shadeshia S Sermons
    April D Sharp
    Iris N Shealy
    Peter P Shworles, III
    Majoann M Siironen
    Kayla M Simpson
    June M Singletary
    Jane E Sirmans
    Timothy Sirmans
    Ashleigh Sluder
    Dangela Y Smallwood
    Ashley A Smith
    Debbie B Smith
    DeErika R Smith
    Fawn E Smith
    Jami L Smith
    Jennifer L Smith
    JoEllen B Smith
    Kelly Smith
    Savannah L Smith
    Jessica Snyder
    Mel Soutar
    Chrissi L Spence
    Michael E Spence
    Elizabeth S Spires
    Julie A Spires
    Linda R Spraggins
    Gabrielle L St Clair
    Amber M Stanfield
    Rebecca Stevens
    Pamela J Stevenson
    Nikki N Stewart
    Clyde E Stokes
    Kimberly S Stracener
    Kimberle B Strawder
    Heather M Streichert
    Cathy S Swilley
    Garrett M Swilley
    Amber Taulbee
    Cassandra L Taylor
    Dawn S Taylor
    Edith E Taylor
    Felicia B Taylor
    Laura M Taylor
    Megan R Taylor
    Jangloria E Teasdale
    Demetra E Teele
    Delana B Tellefsen
    Crystal A Terrell
    Karen L Terry
    Julie D Thomas
    Alicia K Thompson
    Robin L Thompson
    Terrice M Thompson
    Tami K Thornton
    Sherry L Tierney
    Penny M Tillman
    Mary Tiner
    Chelsea B Tomlinson
    Nicholas W Tomlinson
    Crystal A Tompkins
    Christina C Tucker
    Samuel L Tucker
    Derica D Turner
    Dinita S Tyson
    Sylvia E Uddyback
    Maricela Valadez
    Pamela K Valdez
    Chastity N Vandam
    Emily A VanDyke
    Linda S Vanhorn
    Cynthia J Vardeman
    LaShaun L Vetzel
    Elizabeth M Vickers
    Shayla Vickers
    Tammy P Vitolo
    Albert Wade
    Paris K Walker
    Dekoya A Wallace
    Judy R Warren
    Savannah Warren
    Sheila A Warren
    Daphne M Washington
    Joel W Washington
    Ernestine T Waters
    Michelle R Waters
    Kelly D Waychoff
    Laura Webb
    Rachael S Webb
    Bonita A Werts
    Frances M Westlake
    Kathy B Wetherington
    Mitchell Whatley
    Timothy Wherry
    Amanda S White
    Gail B White
    Rebecca L White
    Florine J Wilcox
    Judi L Wilder
    Penny N Wilhoite
    Alison L Williams
    Danielle Williams
    Dexter L Williams
    Julie A Williams
    Kayla Williams
    Lottie M Williams
    Pamela Y Williams
    Shayla L Williams
    Stephanie Williams
    Vachelle M Williams
    Virgina D Williams
    Arnita C Wilson
    Sandra L Wilson
    Pamela M Wimer
    Alisa Winningham
    Tracey L Womble
    Mark D Wombles
    Amy C Wrice
    Beverly K Wright
    Deirdre D Wright
    Eugenia M Wright
    Fannie A Wright
    Kathi R Wright
    Amy F Yarbrough
    Daniel J Zenobia

Heritage Circle

The Heritage Circle recognizes donors who have contributed planned gifts to the SGMC Foundation. Planned Giving is a way to make a charitable gift now or after your lifetime while enjoying financial benefits for yourself.

Louise & J.Y. Brooks Estate*
Alice Judy Brown Estate*
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Brzezienski
The Estate of Mrs. Lee Ila C. Dasher*
(in memory of Annette Dasher Johnson)
Forrest & Madeline Duren*
Katie L. Grimball Trust*
The Connie Harrell Estate*

Mrs. Roline A. Little*
Vernon Pizer*
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Snipes, Jr.
Leona Hudson Strickland Estate*

Bruce Williams Estate*

David S. Waller, Sr. Estate*
* Deceased