Board of Trustees

The SGMC Foundation Board of Trustees is made up of members of the community along with South Georgia Medical Center employees and physicians who volunteer their time, expertise and financial support to the Foundation’s mission.  We are extremely fortunate to have passionate, influential board members whose mission is see South Georgia Medical Center Health System thrive.

Suzan Prince


Ben Blanton

Vice President



John W. Devine, MD

Bubba Highsmith

Dr. Charles Hobby

Thomas D. Newbern

Joe V. “Bud” Dasher

Robert T. Roquemore

Russel Henry, Esq.

Audrey King

Ben Copeland

Brian Dawson, MD

SGMC Chief Medical Officer

Bill Forbes, Ex Officio Member


Grant Byers, Ex Officio Member


Past Presidents

  • Harley Langdale, Jr.
  • Joe Cordova
  • Herm Manderson
  • Ray Chitty
  • James Lee Herndon

Founding Members

  • Mr. Harley Langdale, Jr.
  • Mr. James Beck
  • Mr. Ed G. Barham