How to Donate Masks and Caps

If you are a talented individual who can sew homemade masks or surgical type beanie caps for our caregivers, we need your help! A cloth mask is not recommended for clinical use, but we will hand them out to community members in need. Please view the tutorial videos below for more details.

You may mail donation of masks and/or caps or email to set up drop-off location, date and time:

SGMC Foundation
2501 N. Patterson Street
Valdosta, GA 31602

Other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can also be donated:

• Masks: procedure masks (also referred to as isolation masks or earloop
masks and N95 masks)
• Eye Protection: safety goggles or preferably full-face shields
• Hand Sanitizer: must be at least 70% alcohol
• Gloves: unopened boxes of non-laytex gloves
• Disinfecting Wipes/Cleaners: Clorox and Lysol wipes are acceptable. Any
other cleaners must be on the COVID-19 approved list generated by the EPA.