At South Georgia Medical Center, we are fortunate to have physicians who understand how advancing philanthropy for SGMC will help us maintain and enhance the tradition of healthcare excellence in our community.

This group of physicians, active and retired, commit to an annual gift to the SGMC Foundation and serve as an ambassador promoting philanthropic support for SGMC.

They are more than physicians, they are Physician Partners.


• Donate to the SGMC Foundation with a minimum $1,200 annual contribution.
• Help expand Physician Partners through identification and personal
solicitation of your peers.
• Identify and encourage vendor donations through sponsorships.
• Be an ambassador encouraging philanthropic support for SGMC.

In Appreciation for Your Partnership:

Physicians contributing $1,200 or more annually will be recognized as Physician Partners in the following ways:

• Invitation to the Cornerstone Society Gala
• Special Gatherings for Physician Partners
• Public Recognition as a Physician Partner in:
- The Philanthropy Center located in the main lobby of SGMC – Valdosta
- The Donor Connect e-newsletter
- SGMC Foundation’s website
- Cornerstone Society Gala program
- All SGMC Foundation Donor listings
• Recognition as a Charter Member for Physicians joining in 2019