Having exceptional healthcare in our community is important to me. As a patient of Pearlman Cancer Center, the stability of SGMC is a cause I give to – for my family, friends, and the community.

Tom Newbern is a long-time donor with SGMC Foundation. As President and CEO of First Federal Savings of Valdosta, Tom knows first-hand the significance of supporting the hospital. Tom shares, “This is my community hospital. Having exceptional healthcare in our hometown means my First Federal family will receive innovative care in their time of need as well.”

Tom has been donating to the SGMC Foundation for over 20 years. His gifts have supported several service lines at SGMC including Dasher Memorial Heart Center and Pearlman Caner Center. As a patient of our Cancer Center, he is grateful for the exceptional care he received. Tom is also appreciative of the philanthropic gifts from the Foundation’s donor family – corporate donations, individual gifts, and employee contributions – that fuel the ability for SGMC to continue to provide innovative care. 

Tom says when my donation is combined with the contributions of other donors the funds have a real impact. “I’m glad that when I needed this hospital, it was here for me” he says, “and, I want to support its stability in our community for others.”